The Royal Wedding – Using Knitted Characters

The upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate has spawned a mass amount of creative videos that envision the wedding in different formats. Take, for example, the below video which shows the royal wedding using Knit (knitted) characters. The video is a lot shorter, of course, than the actual day-long wedding will be. One of the more fun parts of the video is the wedding characters doing a dance. Enjoy…

Knit Characters Royal Wedding

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding - Directors Cut

With a cast of characters including the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince Harry, the Archbishop of Canterbury, a variety of wedding guests plus, of course, the happy couple themselves -- and even a corgi -- this is one wedding souvenir that will be a must-have for any keen crafter. Fiona Goble's lovely and humorous characters are instantly recognizable, from the bride's broad smile and sparkling engagement ring to the groom's dashing uniform (complete with tiny sequin orders and medals).

We've included suggestions for creating a selection of customized guests, too, so you can use your own creativity in putting them together. With a backdrop of Westminster Abbey included, so that you can display your creations in authentic surroundings, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding is funny, cute, and easy enough for even a knitting novice to tackle -- go on, get out your needles and help your favourite royals tie the knit!

Fiona Goble has published three books on making soft toys and has a forthcoming book on contemporary embroidery. Her first book for Ivy was Knitivity (2010).

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