Apple iPad 2 Review – Bigger is Better

Apple is set in about a week to announce the new iPad 2. But one person has already gotten a hold of one and has posted an iPad 2 review to YouTube. We’re pleased to bring it to you today. The first thing you’ll notice about the iPad 2 is that it is actually a bit bigger than the first iPad. This will allow you to do more on the go. When you’re on a plane or at a coffee shop, you’ll be able to better multitask with the big screen and get more accomplished. Another cool feature of the new iPad 2 is that it includes voice commands. A lot of features you used to have to use your fingers for you can now just use your voice to accomplish. The interaction with iTunes has also evolved, now including a feature to automatically delete bad music. The new iPad 2 also takes CDs so that you can burn CDs or transfer music. A new speaker system dwarfs the old iPad 2. The new voice-activated auto-edit function will allow anyone to quickly (and effortlessly) make movies.

I think people will be lining up for blocks to get the new iPad 2 when it becomes available in March. Are you excited?

iPad 2 Review

iPad 2 Review - Hands On [HD] 17th of February 2011

iPad 2 review - Hands on - Very thorough and high quality review.


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