Guy Asks College Girls – Am I Your Type?

This is a funny hidden camera prank by Just Go TV where the prankster, Mike, walks up to college girls (and sometimes guys) and simply asks them one thing – “Am I Your Type?” It’s one of those awkward questions you don’t expect a stranger to come up to you and ask. We’ve published a couple of other videos by Just Go TV, including “Can We Be Friends,” and “Sitting Very Close to People.” So what would you say if a stranger you didn’t know approached you and asked, “Am I Your Type?”

Guy Asks College Girls – “Am I Your Type?”

Am I Your Type?

Week 3: Mike came up with the idea after we started thinking about awkward questions to ask people. We filmed video right off the bike path in Davis, CA close to the softball field and the sorority and fraternity houses. It's a pretty busy path, so we managed to film plenty of interactions in a short amount of time.


About Just Go TV

Inspired by LAHWF, Whatever, Roman Atwood, VitalyZDTV, Jack Vale, Ed Bassmaster, Simple Pickup and others. Pranks and awkward experiments are nothing new to the YouTube space, but we decided to give it a try. We'll be uploading a new video each week so please subscribe and share with your friends if you think we're funny.

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