Can We Be Friends?

Mike, who stars in this Hidden Camera video, alerted us via Twitter awhile ago of his series of college pranks. Having finally viewed his videos, all I can say is that I’m surprised they don’t have a lot more views. His videos are fun, funny, and entertaining.  In the coming days we’ll be featuring the handful of videos he did under the YouTube channel Just Go TV.

This first video is great. In it, Mike approaches college students and simply asks them, “can we be friends?”  Now how would you react if a stranger approached you and asked if he could be friends with you? Like many in this video, you’d probably have to pause to try and figure out why someone you don’t know just asked to be friends. When I view it, I hear the song in my head, “why can’t we be friends… why can’t we be friends…”

Can We Be Friends?

Awkwardly making friends

Week 5: Came up with this idea on the fly at UC Davis. We wondered how people would react if a stranger abruptly asked to be their friend. The reactions were hilarious.


About Just Go TV

Inspired by LAHWF, Whatever, Roman Atwood, VitalyZDTV, Jack Vale, Ed Bassmaster, Simple Pickup and others. Pranks and awkward experiments are nothing new to the YouTube space, but we decided to give it a try. We'll be uploading a new video each week so please subscribe and share with your friends if you think we're funny.

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