Hidden Camera Prank – Ghost in Mirror

This is a pretty elaborate hidden camera prank that involved a ghost showing up in a mirror then two more ghosts busting through the walls in order to chase the victim. In the prank, the victim is at a mirror prepping for a gig (likely TV appearance). As he’s putting on the foundation makeup (after picking his nose), a ghost suddenly appears in the mirror, accompanied by a blood curdling scream. The man jumps up from the chair, falling backwards on his feet when suddenly a ghost comes busting through the wall. The man runs to the other side of the room, where another ghost comes busting through the wall and they corner the victim. Why is it that we take such delight in scaring people? Don’t know, but it makes for great footage. Here’s the video:

Hidden Camera Ghost in Mirror Prank


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D V Cook

one of the best i have seen 5 stars