Prank – Sitting Very Close to People

Yesterday we featured a prank by Just Go TV where a guy would go up to people and ask, “can I be your friend?” Today we have another prank by Just Go TV (please share these – we think they make great videos and there needs to be more awareness so that they’ll keep making videos). This prank is called “Sitting Very Close to People”.

You know how people have a “personal space” and don’t like strangers invading that space? Well, in this hidden camera video, Mike is all about invading the personal space of others simply by sitting very close to them. How would you react if a person you didn’t know came and sat right next to you on a bench?

Prank – Sitting Very Close to People

Sitting Next to People

Week 1: We filmed this video at Sacramento State University. It was pretty easy to accomplish and almost every time, we got good reactions. This concept has been done many times before, consider it a new rendition of an old classic.


About Just Go TV

Inspired by LAHWF, Whatever, Roman Atwood, VitalyZDTV, Jack Vale, Ed Bassmaster, Simple Pickup and others. Pranks and awkward experiments are nothing new to the YouTube space, but we decided to give it a try. We'll be uploading a new video each week so please subscribe and share with your friends if you think we're funny.

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