Buy a Real Hover Board!

The idea of Hover Boards was made popular by the Back to the Future trilogy. Several decades later, modern technology has caught up with the concept and you can now buy your very own Hover Board! There are a few differences between this one and the one in the movies. The real Hover Boards don’t look as “snazzy” as the movie version. But the real ones are more versatile than the movie version. For example, in Back to the Future II, the Hover Board couldn’t work over water “unless you’ve got power…” Well, the new Hover Boards have power and therefore work on both land and water.

The following is the first infomercial released on the new Hover Boards. Good luck and stay safe!

Buy a Real Hover Board!

Hover Boards

Hover Boards are real!!! And now you can join in the floating fun by going to or call us to order your very own real life hover board!!!!

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