Alone Together – Cell Phone Short Film

In 2012, psychologist and author Sherry Turkle published a book called “Alone Together” which shows how our reliance on technology for communication has created an illusion of companionship. As more in society become addicted to their cell phones and computers, they lose the emotional touch that direct human to human interaction and contact brings.

The video below, which has gone viral, reminded me of  Sherry Turkle’s book – one of the best I’ve read on how advancements in technology are having a major emotional effect on humanity.

“I Forgot My Phone” (title of the video) has 16 million YouTube views in just a week’s time. It’s popular because people can relate to it. Everywhere they go, it seems everyone is buried in their “Smart Phone”. Many probably want to be buried with their Smart Phone too. It’s sad how society is becoming more robotic and less personal. What do you think?

I Forgot My Phone

I Forgot My Phone

Written by Charlene deGuzman
Directed by Miles Crawford
Starring Charlene deGuzman

With (in order of appearance)
Jacob Womack
Nick Luciano
Ani Baker
Sabrina London
Sean London
Garrett Hanson
Alana Dietze
Oleana Taalman-Koch
Reshma Gajjar
David Brown
Mark Schroeder
Yak Manrique
Ele Woods
Cynthia Kao
Josh Kaplan
Dylan Booth Vigus
Zach Fairless
Zac Oyama
Nick Rasmussen
Tom Fox
Paul James
Smoke Season
Kevin Daniels
J Lee
Brittany Geronimo
Matt Geronimo
Farley Crawford
Frank Natale
Tracie Thoms
Jason E. Kelley
Jim Holdridge
Jack Krizmanich


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