Contortionists Bring Animals to Life

Tarantula ContortionistThis is some great footage of some contortionists that underwent 5 hours of body painting in order to give them the ability to look like specific animals when contorted.

The first female model was given body paint to make her look like a Tarantula. When she gets to a specific position, you would swear it was a Tarantula if you didn’t know better (see image on the right).

The next model was done up to look like a giraffe. Then came the seahorse.  The photos are incredible. The video gives more insight.

The body painting was done by Emma Fay.

Contortionist Brings Animals to Life

Naked Contortionist Models Transformed Into Animals By Body Paint

Naked Contortionist Models Transformed Into Animals By Body Paint


A CONTORTIONIST is transformed into a human tarantula. The super-sized spider is the handiwork of body painter Emma Fay, 27, who used water-based paints to turn the ultra-flexible model into the giant arachnid. Fay's other stunningly realistic animal transformations include a stunning seahorse and a giraffe. The Leicester-based artist, who has been body painting for three years, spends around five hours on each work and created the series to celebrate the marvels of the natural world. 

Videographer / Director: Jonathan Macauley
Producer: Tom Midlane
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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