Movie Trailer Used Volvo Ad Goes Viral

A man wanting to sell his Volvo wanted to do it in a creative way… so he created a “movie trailer” featuring the car he was selling. Little did he realize that the YouTube video would go viral, amassing more than a million views in no time at all. I heard about this video on the radio this morning and when I got home looked it up to share with you.

There’s no doubt that he will quickly sell his Volvo… and he’ll also make a bundle of money from his YouTube video too. The official name of the video is “Buy My Volvo”.


Volvo Movie Trailer to Sell Used Car

Buy My Volvo (English)

SOLD. You'll be able to see the Volvo's road trip to he's new owner soon, with your eyes.

This is a personal ad for my Volvo 245GL 93'. #BUYMYVOLVO

Red. Five owners before me. Complete service journal by Volvo up until in 2009. Inspected until November 30. New battery and radiator. Summer and winter tires.

7500 Swedish crowns, or the highest bidder.
Or in exchange for a really long Xbox.
Test it out in Malmö, Sweden.


Music by Cellardore - "Chasing Dreams" -

Big thanks to my friends
Christian Svanlund (Camera operator) @
Johan Karlberg (Voice-over)
& Daniel Browne, Kenneth E.T. and
Nicolo Sommer @

The original ad in Swedish -
The original Swedish ad on "Blocket"

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