Canada Beer Fridge Opens When You Sing O Canada

In Canada, a mystery fridge started popping up in different locations, including a pedestrian bridge, sidewalks, and even hiking trails. Decked out in Canadian colors, this Canada beer fridge was tightly locked and couldn’t be open unless… you could sing O Canada, the national anthem for Canada.

The fridge is not remote controlled. It is a stand-a-lone custom built intelligent fridge that can tell if people are properly singing O Canada or not. If sort of follows the same technology that some of those “band hero” and “guitar hero” type games follow to see if the inflections of your voice are correct while singing.

Now if you get through the entire O Canada anthem perfect then the fridge opens for you. What’s inside? Molson Canadian beer, of course. If, at any point, you fail while singing, red LED lights light up and give you a audible FAIL signal. You then have to start again.

It’s ingenious, fun, and great to watch as people attempt to open it.

Canada Beer Fridge Opens When You Sing O Canada

The Beer Fridge - O Canada | Molson Canadian

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We've built our most Canadian beer fridge for Canada Day and there's only one way to get inside - sing O Canada. It's time to start practicing our national anthem.

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