Fireworks Burst from One Shell

When you view a fireworks show, each firework is being blasted up, one shell at a time, with a nice colorful burst. Now imagine packing dozens of those into one massive shell. The shell goes up and suddenly you see a record number of fireworks bursts in the air and it all is from that one shell. That’s what happened to bring in the New Year in Japan. They set off the largest fireworks display in one shell ever. The good news is that it is awesome to see. The bad news is that the whole fireworks show is over in a matter of seconds!

Fireworks Burst from One Shell


(HD) Huge 48" inch firework shell with TROLLFACE - AWESOME!!

The biggest firework explosion on earth!! (made and fired in Japan) katakai-matsuri in high definition! Trollface @ 0:20? : )

Please don't mention Atomic bombs! This is a firework & not a nuclear device! There are no artificial additives in here!

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