You Hit Like a Girl – LikeAGirl Video

The following Like a Girl video – which falls under the guise of “inspirational” and “interesting” is tearing up YouTube right now. In less than a week it has amassed more than 19 million views. In order to preserve the impact of the video, we won’t really tell you what it’s about, only to say that you’ve heard terms like:

“You Hit Like a Girl”
“You Throw Like a Girl”
“You Run Like a Girl”
“You Fight Like a Girl”

Well, this video tackles those sayings head on.

You Hit Like a Girl – LikeAGirl Video


Always #LikeAGirl

Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty's really no picnic either, it's easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl's self-confidence.
We're kicking off an epic battle to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond, and making a start by showing them that doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.

"In my work as a documentarian, I have witnessed the confidence crisis among girls and the negative impact of stereotypes first-hand," said Lauren Greenfield, filmmaker and director of the #LikeAGirl video. "When the words 'like a girl' are used to mean something bad, it is profoundly disempowering. I am proud to partner with Always to shed light on how this simple phrase can have a significant and long-lasting impact on girls and women. I am excited to be a part of the movement to redefine 'like a girl' into a positive affirmation."

So tell us... what do YOU do #LikeAGirl?

For the past 30 years, Always has been empowering girls globally, bringing puberty education to millions of adolescent girls.
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