Another Live Action Mario Kart

A few days we shared with you two Live Action Mario Kart videos where a guy dresses up like Mario and drives a Mario-type car around getting into trouble. Well another live action Mario Kart video has been released by someone else and this one has quite a different style. To begin, no one looks like Mario. Also, it’s an actual go-kart race. Finally, there are visual effects added to give it a Mario Kart feel of it being part live action and part video game. Oh, yeah… and there’s no real police chasing this Mario…

Mario Kart

Real Life Mario Kart!

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A harsh, gritty look at the world of Mario Kart in real life. Red shells mean business.

Thanks to K1 Speed for allowing us use of their track! Check out their YouTube Channel at

Special thanks to Corridor Digital ( ) and Lifepreneur ( ) for VFX help and behind the scenes camera work! Couldn't have done it without those guys!





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