Bicyclist Runs into Obstacles in NYC Bike Lanes

When a bicyclist got pulled over by a cop in New York City for not riding in a bike lane, he filmed the officer writing him a ticket. He then relates to us that the cop told him no matter what, he must always stay in the bike lane or risk getting a $10 – $130 ticket. The guy told the cop that the bike lane isn’t always the safest place for a bicyclist to be. The cop said it didn’t matter and that he must stay in the bike lane when on a bike. So to prove his point, the guy had people film him staying in the bike lane and running into obstacle after obstacle – construction pylons, delivery trucks, even cop cars. He stays in the bike lane and runs into them all, making for an interesting and entertaining video…

New York City Bike Lane Obstacles

Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat

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