Watching Others Watch Something You’ve Watched

Yes, it’s a strange title (Watching Others Watch Something You’ve Watched), but the following “psychoanalyst” video is quite interesting. You know how when you’ve seen something really good or funny and you want someone else to watch it, you tend to watch them (for their reaction) versus the video again? That’s the whole concept behind this YouTube presentation. In this video, however, the host takes it a step further and asks, “what if you took that same thing and applied it to other things in life?”

Note: After the first two minutes she goes into non-interesting topics as part of her vlog, so you may want to turn it off after that.

Watching Others Watch Something You’ve Watched

Watching You Watch

Because then you can relive it all over again... Do you guys ever feel the same way? Let me know! Also don't forget to subscribe for a new video each week and you can also keep up to date on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: Twitter: Instagram: @realnatalietran

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