SOLVED – What Color is This Dress?

The Internet went crazy this week over a picture of a dress that some saw as being black and blue, while others saw it as being white and gold. Take a look at this photo of the dress. What color do you think it is?

What color is this dress?

What color do you see when you look at this dress?

A lot of relationships have been broken up and a lot of people have been unfriended on Facebook as a result of this dress. It is creating havoc because those who see it as black and blue can’t understand how others can see it as white and gold and vice versa. This creates conflicts and friction, which is never good for a friendship/relationship.

So what color is the dress exactly? The answer is contained within this video:

SOLVED – What Color is This Dress?


SOLVED - What Color is This Dress?

We finally have the real answer as to what color that dress is: black and blue or white and gold...

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