Avengers Parody – Auditions for the Movie

(The Avengers) In order to make a great movie, you need a great cast. This Avengers parody video shows how the casting for The Avengers was done. There were important requirements in order to be an Avenger, like the ability to fly… or walk in slow motion. Without these abilities, you don’t get the awesome results.

Before getting to the video, a major kudos to the real Avengers cast and crew for the movie breaking the box office record (by far) for best opening weekend. It beat Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, by more than $50 million and is the first movie ever to make more than $200 million in a weekend.

Avengers Parody – Auditions for the Movie

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As seen on mashable.com. 🙂 (How cool is that???)

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Special thanks to http://youtube.com/MidDakota95 ! He and I wanted to do an Avengers parody, so we Skyped and brainstormed ideas and started on a script for this vid. Then his computer broke! So check out his channel and give him some love! 😀

BTW, this is a parody of Avengers 2012, or Avengers Assemble, whatever it's called. It's not one of the old Avengers TV shows that they parodied like 5 years ago when YouTube was new.


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