Top 5 Frozen Parodies of Let it Go

Earlier we posted the Top 5 Frozen Parodies of Do You Want To Build a Snowman.  Now we keep the Frozen humor alive with some very clever and fun parodies of the song, “Let it Go,” which won an Academy Award for Best Song.

We’ve scoured the Internet and have come up with the Top 5 Parodies of Let it Go. And some of these are really funny, like the weatherman that does his parody song during the news.

Top 5 Parodies of the Frozen Song Let it Go

Coming in at #5 on our list is a Frozen parody song making fun of people who watch Frozen parodies…

Let Go of Let it Go


and at #4 we have…

Let it Go Mom Parody


Moving on to #3 on our list you’ll find…

A Frozen Father – Let It Go Dad Parody


Warping into the runner up (#2) spot is…

Make it So – Star Trek Let it Go Parody


And the #1 Frozen Let it Go parody is…

Just Don’t Go (by the weatherman, Bob Herzog, at Local 12 News)

Let go of Let it go - Parody Song


This movie came out like 6 months ago
I think its time we moved on
Already on DVD
but the hype for its not gone
I don't remember hearing about tangled this much
Guess that tangled didn't have that lopez touch

It had its glory days you guys
Won the oscar, shocker, big surprise
I wrote a song, but suck at rhymes
'cuz I think its time

Let it go, Let it go
This songs still going strong
Let it go, Let it go
Its been going on for far too long
Stop sending me requests for parodies
Though the song plays on it--....

I hear it everywhere, this song has got to go
On tumblr, twitter, youtube, even on the radio
This song has more covers than Anna Kendricks cups
Yet im not sick of it, whatever, I give up

Let it go, Let it go
Ive heared this song a million times I swear
Let it go, Let it go,
Though I don't even care
Hurry up and get it on Broadway
Let on the song play on
It never seemed to bother me anyway

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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