Parody of The Hunger Games Bloopers

This is a funny parody of “The Hunger Games Bloopers.” As a parody, it’s not the real actors, but the casting of Katniss in this video is pretty darn good.

In the video you get to see the different “bloopers” that happen during the filming of The Hunger Games, including limited budget for a decent bow and arrow, trips, and a love scene hard to stomach for Katniss resulting in numerous rejections of her love interest. Enjoy!

Parody of The Hunger Games Bloopers

The Hunger Games - PARODY

The Hunger Games - MOVIE BLOOPERS [a parody]
This is a parody of the events in the book and the movie trailer.

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Kathleen Victoria Elliott as Katniss Everdeen
Kyle Ernsberger as Gale
Tony Cavalero as Peeta Mellark

Written and Directed by: Kathleen Victoria Elliott [Katers17]
Cinematography by: Cory Williams [Smpfilms]
Edited by: Kathleen Victoria Elliott [Katers17]
Colored by: Cory Williams [Smpfilms] Kathleen Victoria Elliott [Katers17]
Wardrobe by: Kathleen Victoria Elliott [Katers17] Assistant to Wardrobe: Amanda Gonzales [MandaElysePanda]

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