Star Wars Ships Arrive on Scene for Star Wars 7

We’ve got some incredible footage for you of Star Wars ships arriving on the set of Star Wars 7. This leaked footage shows the ships, which have been flying in over the past two days, being tested prior to being used in the movie. Special air traffic clearance had to be given for the space ships to fly in and those lucky to see them flying in were in for quite the surprise. Some people thought it was an actual Darth Vader invasion! lol.

The Star Wars 7 ships began arriving a few days ago. Some of the bigger ground units (like the AT-AT Four legged Walkers) had to be shipped in several pieces then put back together on set. But as you can see from this footage, they are operating flawlessly and looking really good!

Being able to see footage like this is rare as security doesn’t allow cameras (outside of those used in production) on the set and the area is closed to the public. The buses you see in the footage are transporting the maintenance workers and designers to the various ships. They drive up to one Star Wars Ship or Walker, let several people out, then drive to the next. Each ship has a 6 maintenance / design people assigned to them in order to keep them in optimal working condition for the battle scenes they will be filming next week.  Regular air traffic in the area of filming will be diverted from July 15 – July 22. That way when the Star Wars ships are flying in the sky, there will be no inadvertent public traffic. Nothing like seeing a Boeing 737 flying next to an X-Wing fighter! Enjoy the Star Wars 7 set footage!

Star Wars Ships Arrive on Scene for Star Wars 7

Star Wars 7 Ships Arrive on Scene

The following leaked footage shows Star Wars ships arriving on scene for the filming of Star Wars 7 and mechanics attending to Star Wars ground and air units...

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