New Red Dawn Movie Trailer

Thanksgiving 2012 will see the remake of a classic invasion movie – Red Dawn. In 1984 the original Red Dawn was released and became an instant hit. The original movie starred the late Patrick Swayze and Lea Thompson, among others. It was the story about the Soviet Union (Russia) invading the United States by having paratroopers take over a town in Colorado, giving them a base of operation for their US attacks. The only problem is they weren’t expecting some local high school football players to mount rebel attacks.

Over the past several years, the Red Dawn movie has been in remake mode, starring Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, and Josh Hutcherson, among others. This time, however, the attacking country was China. After initial filming was completed, China launched a complaint about being the villains in the new Red Dawn remake and demanded that it be changed or else the film would be banned in China, a lucrative market. MGM caved.

Money was spent to change the opening sequence and to digitally alter the uniforms to be that of North Korea instead of China. So the invading villain for the new Red Dawn movie is now officially North Korea. And here’s the trailer…

New Red Dawn Remake Trailer

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Red Dawn - Official Trailer (HD) - "Red Dawn" - Official Trailer

A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.

Director: Dan Bradley

Writers: Carl Ellsworth (screenplay), Jeremy Passmore (screenplay)

Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and Josh Hutcherson

In theatres: November 21, 2012

Copyright @ MGM Studios & Sony Pictures

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