Bad and Funny Beatboxing to Some Nights by Fun

In this video, a girl named Katie Baum starts singing the song “Some Nights” by Fun. Within moments, her friend (Ashleigh Strange) enters and in the background starts doing one of the strangest beatboxing and dance routines you’ve ever seen.

What makes the video so entertaining is that you can’t take your eyes off of the strangeness of the beatbox and movement and the singer doesn’t have a bad voice. Katie and Ashleigh definitely had fun with it and had no inhibitions during their performance. And that’s why YouTubers love it.

Bad / Funny / Strange Beatboxing to Some Nights by Fun
(Katie Baum and Ashleigh Strange)

Worst Beatboxer Ever covers "Some Nights" by Fun.

The singer (Katie Baum) and the buffoon (Ashleigh Strange) present "Some Nights" by Fun.
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