The Break Up Song – Not Me, It’s You

This is a funny YouTube Video titled “The Break Up Song” in which a guy decides to break up with his girlfriend using video chat. But that’s not it! He also breaks up with an original song as to why he is breaking up and he is using his best friend as a backup singer. But the girl he is breaking up with has a best friend too, making for quite an entertaining break up.

The Breaking Up Song

The Break Up Song - Rhett & Link

A musical break-up over video chat.

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This video contains invisible annotations.

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Written, Directed, Edited & Sung by: Rhett and Link?
Rhett McLaughlin as boyfriend
Tessa Violet as Tiffany the girlfriend
Link Neal as best friend
Shawna Howson as Tiffany's best friend

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It's not you; it's me.
And me don't like you.
It's not you; it's I.
And I'm breaking up with you.

You swore up and down the wall
Twilight's the best trilogy of all
Somehow you got me to agree
To dress up like Edward for Halloween.
But now that I'm coming clean
First off, Twilight's a quadrilogy.
And that tan werewolf dude isn't worthy.
Of removing - a Wookie's Dingleberries.

It's not me; it's you.
Yeah, the more I think about it- it's definitely you.
But it might be me
Cause me decided to date you.

When we went out on our first date
You said you don't eat anything with a face.
Then for the next 18 months
I ate sausage made from rice and walnuts.
Now that we're parting ways
Newflash! Fish have a face.
Unless it's in a Newton, No! He doesn't want another fig!
Tonight I'm eating...a Rabbi-veni-turducken-ig.

It's you; It's you.
No doubt about it- it was always totally you.
Now it's up to me
And me is now dumping you.

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