The Sexy Sax Man Doing a Careless Whisper Song Prank

The guy in this video, Sergio, knows how to play the Saxophone… well… let’s clarify that. He knows how to play one song on the Saxophone and he does it well. That song is George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”. In this video, Sergio goes around to different places playing Careless Whisper until he gets into trouble. The thing is that because he is good at it, the general public is entertained by his antics while security isn’t. But that doesn’t bother Sexy Sax Man because he doesn’t speak English when it’s convenient. For your further entertainment, we’ve included an Outtakes video after the main one. Enjoy!

Sexy Sax Man Playing Careless Whisper

Sexy Sax Man Outtakes and Behind the Scenes

Sexy Sax Man Careless Whisper Prank feat. Sergio Flores (directors cut)

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