First World Problems – Weird Al Yankovic

(Weird Al Parodies) There are a lot of third world problems to worry about these days. However, Weird Al Yankovic has found a way to rechannel that worry by getting us, instead, to pay attention to all of our “First World Problems.” First World Problems are those issues that face you every day – a person pulls in front of you causing you to hit a red light… you forget the name of someone you should know… you ran out of beer just before the big game…

It’s these first world issues that Weird Al parodies in an original song done in the style of The Pixies. So take a break now to see some of the First World Problems faced on this video then you can take time to think of your own… feel free to post your First World Problem in the comments section below! We even allow Facebook commenting.

First World Problems – Weird Al Yankovic

First World Problems - Weird Al Yankovic

Let us know what your First World Problems are after watching this new original parody by Weird Al in the style of The Pixies...

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