Royals Parody – Weird Al Yankovic – “Foil”

(Weird Al Parodies) Weird Al Yankovic has made some awesome videos this summer. We’re proud to bring you another one. This time, Weird Al spoofs the popular Royals song by Lorde. But this one is called “Foil” and deals with the many vital uses of Aluminum Foil and how it can help save your life. There’s an important message here, folks! Be sure to see some of the other recent Weird Al music video spoofs like Word Crimes and Tacky.

Royals Parody – Weird Al Yankovic – “Foil”

Royals Parody - Weird Al Yankovic - "Foil"

This is an awesome music video parody by Weird Al that takes the Lorde song Royals and turns it into Foil...

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