Seattle Childrens Hospital – Stronger Music Video

When Kelly Clarkson recorded her hit single “Stronger”, she probably didn’t realize the widespread impact it would have. Take, for example, Seattle Childrens Hospital. Patients and staff of Seattle Childrens Hospital came together to create a lipsynched music video of “Stronger”. The video was done by the¬†hemoncology floor.

Below we have the finished “Stronger” video by sick children and the staff who care for them followed by another video on how the music video was created.

Enjoy this inspirational video and be sure to pass it on!

Seattle Childrens Hospital – Stronger Music Video

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The Making of Seattle Childrens Hospital “Stronger” Music Video

Kelly Clarkson’s Video Message to Seattle Childrens Hospital


Stronger | Seattle Childrens Hospital The hemoncology floor of Seattle Children's Hospital performs Kelly Clarkson's song "Stronger" NEW! Check out a quick behind the scenes clip of how the video was made

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