Mission Statement – Weird Al Parody of Carry On

(Weird Al Parodies) We have another Weird Al parody for you. This parody is of the older “Carry On” song by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. The parody is titled “Mission Statement” and it pokes fun at business lingo and jargon… like when brainstorming for a mission statement. So the next time you see a mission statement filled with corporate buzzwords and jargon, send them a link to this Weird Al Mission Statement video – http://veryfunnyvideos.org/musicvideos/weirdalmissionstatement.html. It might enlighten them. 🙂

Using this video we developed a mission statement for Very Funny Videos: “Our goal is to provide centric solutions to everyday boredom through a proactive synergetic focus on delivering funny videos to our users in order to achieve maximum global effectiveness and laughter.” What do you think? Enjoy the video…

Mission Statement – Weird Al Parody of Carry On

Mission Statement - Weird Al Parody of Carry On

Here's another Weird Al parody that takes on corporate buzzwords and jargon - it is called Mission Statement and is a parody of the song Carry On...

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