Naked Man Locks Self Out of Hotel Room

The following video is a KTLA news report on a poor man who opened his door to leave his tray outside his room only to have the locked door close behind him. Now he’s stuck in the hallway, nude, with no way to get back into his room. So the poor man uses some items from the room service tray to cover his private areas then walks to the elevator (of which there is a mom and child inside) and goes to the hotel lobby to request a key.

Of course, once he gets to the main lobby desk, still nude, the clerk tells him that in order to get a key he needs to show ID. lol

This is one of those rare and embarrassing once in a lifetime moments that the poor guy will never live down.

Naked Man Locks Himself Out of His Hotel Room


Naked man locks himself out of his hotel room,WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

A naked man checks to see if the coast is clear,he then exits his hotel room to leave a tray on the floor for room service............

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