Shirtless Man Shares Meaning of Life

I will be the first to admit that we didn’t know what category to put this video in. Our final debate came down to one of two categories – Inspiring Videos or Odd Videos. In the end, “Odd Videos” won out.

The gentleman in this video is named Matthew Silver and he lives in New York City. He wanders the streets during the day only in his underwear, taking time to do street performances for money. He identifies himself as a street performer and artist. Having seen him around several times, a couple of guys decided that they wanted to interview him and see what Matthew Silver was all about. The result of that interview is this video.

Shirtless Man Shares Meaning of Life

Words of Wisdom from an Unexpected Citizen

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This guy (Matthew Silver) is a man who runs around nyc in underwear saying and doing radical things. A friend and I stopped and actually listened, and he said some beautiful things.

Music - Time by Hans Zimmer
Matthew Silver -

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