Ultra Kawaii – The Cute Games – Bunny Weightlifting

Let’s flex those cute muscles! These weightlifting pets are true contenders in the cutest games on the planet. Yes, the Olympic Summer Games have inspired a whole new class of competition on Ultra Kawaii, including the invisible barbell competition. Who do you think deserves to win the gold medal of cute? Please vote with your comments!

Thanks to all the cute puppies, funny cats, and other adorable star athletes in this video: Arya, Flanigan, Original Spunk’s Kitten, Peanut, Cory’s Monkey Snap, Louie, Yoshi, BaronDuken’s Dog, Mitty, Peggy’s Bird, Doc & Wyatt, dcmcdade’s puppy, Peepi, JJ, Marco, The Mumucoma Kitten, Sheeba of LiveLikeACatDay, and Bentley.

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