5 Crazy Remi Gaillard Prank Moments

Anyone who knows Remi Gaillard knows that he’s not afraid to get arrested while pulling a prank. That also means he will confront the police as part of prank… like the time he dressed up as a butterfly, took a net, and threw the net over an unsuspecting policeman. Remi also isn’t afraid to get beat up, like when putting his arm around a girl whose boyfriend already had his arm around her. But Remi also has a softer, more romantic, side… like when he kissed a girl on the lips at the beach and handed her a rose.

Here are five of Remi’s crazy pranks…

5 Crazy Remi Gaillard Prank Moments

The 5 most stupid moments of 2010 (Rémi GAILLARD)

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