Funny Japanese Dinosaur Prank

Imagine that you’re walking through the hallway of a business in Japan and you begin to hear people screaming. A crowd of people go running by screaming and a second later you see why. A dinosaur is chasing them. And now that dinosaur is chasing you. This is the basis of a great prank in Japan and one of the best/funniest pranks we’ve seen in awhile. Below we have posted four different videos involving this prank. The last video is a little different as it features the dinosaur sneaking into a room where women are sleeping then scaring them all awake… well, that is all but one (must be a very deep sleeper). Enjoy!

Dinosaur Prank Video #1 (male)

Dinosaur Prank Video #2 (female)

Dinosaur Prank Video #3 (2 males)

Dinosaur Prank Video #4 (several sleeping females)

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