Prank Involving Ax Carrying Killer Clown

While we’re on the subject of killer clown pranks, we have another video for you, one where a clown with an ax scares people. But this video is also a symbol as to why you shouldn’t try to carry out these pranks yourself. In today’s society, pranks like these (while funny) are becoming inherently dangerous. That’s the case with the last guy this killer clown tries to prank. The guy would have beat the clown to a pulp if not for the intervention of the cameraman.

One of my goals in life is to own and operate a haunted house. I love to scare people and be scared. But that’s in a controlled environment. You’ll never get me doing pranks like this one where someone can hurt someone else (not realizing it is a prank). But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying watching these pranks. And since that’s why you’re here…

Prank Involving Ax Carrying Killer Clown

Clown Axe Scare Prank

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This week we headed out for another Halloween scare prank. Dressed as a clown we terrorised the local neighbourhood. Unfortunately some of the reactions were unusable because of the poor lighting. Hope you guys like this video and happy Halloween!!!!

Thanks to Sarah for doing the clown make-up. If you live in the Adelaide area and need make-up done of any sort please feel free to contact her 🙂

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