Funny Prank – You Have a B on You

This is one of the funniest hidden camera pranks we’ve seen in awhile. A guy walks up to people and quietly places a letter “B” on their shirt or purse. He then tells the person that they have a “bee” on them. The people start to freak out, jumping and swatting to get the “bee” off of them. Then, of course, comes the humorous reactions when they realize that the “bee” is really a “B”. It’s amazing how quickly people will drop a purse or remove clothing when told by a complete stranger that they have a “bee” on them. There seems to be a real paranoia when it comes to those buzzy little creatures that give us honey nut Cheerios.

Funny Hidden Camera Prank: You Have a “B” on You

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The Letter B Prank

We wanted to see how people would react to the letter B. Huge thanks to VitalyzdTv for filming this with us! Please go subscribe to him.
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