The Newest Disney Princess – Star Wars Princess Leia

Now that Disney owns Star Wars and the rights to all the characters, you can expect some big changes. For one, Princess Leia now joins the Disney Princesses collection! In fact, we have obtained a copy of a rough shoot of an upcoming musical where Princess Leia is introduced to the rest of the Disney guys, gals, and ladies. Remember, this is just a dress rehearsal and not the final version. The final version will be much more polished and the characters will look more realistic. The words of the song are final, though.

The name of the production is “Bonjour Star Wars” and it was put together to make the Star Wars characters feel more welcome into the Magic Kingdom of Disney.

Disney’s Princess Leia – Bonjour Star Wars

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BONJOUR STAR WARS (Disney - Star Wars Parody)

Disney + Star Wars = A Brave New World

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Written and Executive Produced by Erika Cervantes (
Directed by Emily McGregor (
Producer and Choreographer - Linda Yvette Chavez (
Producer and Wardrobe - Amanda Deibert (


Marisha Ray as Princess Leia (
Bennett Jones as Han Solo (
Mike Lawson as Luke Skywalker
Matthew Solomon as Obi-Wan Kanobi (
Kosha Patel as Jasmine (
Monica Joy Sherer as Ariel (
Genevieve Farrell as Snow White
Genevieve Lee as Mulan (
Sam Weller as Mickey Mouse (
Brittany Freeth as Cruella DeVille
Dana Pacheco as Malificent (
Matt Jennings as C-3PO
Ryan Barrington as Darth Vader
Bethany Boles as Yoda/Magic Carpet
Ollin Morales as Aladdin (
Luis Navarro as Fanboy (
Vickie Toro as Fangirl (
Dove Meir as Captain America (

Lead Female Vocals - Monika Beal
Lead Male Vocals - Josh Bedlion
Additional Vocals - Jason Lewis, Erika Cervantes, Sam Weller, Luis Navarro, Emily McGregor
Recording and Mix by Chris Thomas (

Director of Photography - Chris Pritzlaff
Edited by Erika Cervantes
VFX by Diego Corbino
Additional Post Production - Grant Olin, Brook Willard
Grip - Luis M. Navarro
Make-up Artist - Kazu Okada
Make-up Artist - Rie Abe
Production Assistant - Stephanie Militello

A very special thanks to the following fine folks, for allowing us to borrow various costumes and props:
America Young
Cat Staggs
Drew Coombs
Alex Cason
Luis Navarro
Max Valdovinos

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