Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. Twilight

For years a battle has been raging. Which is better? Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars fans think that Han Solo is more crafty and funny than Captain Kirk and that Chewbacca is a much better non-human star than any Trekkies. They believe the Force and Lightsabers top Logic and Phasers.

Star Trek fans think the Enterprise ship outclasses anything ever from the Star Wars universe. They believe Klingons could easily stomp on Ewoks.

Well, it seems that George Takei wants to put and end to the battle of Star shows in favor of Star Peace. And how does he propose going about this? By taking aim at a new threat – Twilight.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. Twilight

So which is better? Star Wars? Star Trek? Twilight? Make your call in the Comments box below…

George Takei is the Broker of Star Peace

Icons of Star Trek and Star Wars recently took to the internet arguing that their franchise reigned supreme. When things got personal, George Takei--the only actor who has worked in both--stepped in to broker the peace by identifying a mutual threat.

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