Star Wars: Darth Vader in Love

This is an extremely well done short fan film called “Darth Vader in Love’. It premiered on YouTube in 2008 and, surprisingly, has only gotten just over 1.1 million views. Usually fan work like this in a popular sci-fi niche should have millions of views. So we’re doing our part by posting it here for you to see. It’s the story of Darth Vader and what happens when he discovers another of his type – a female that wears a pink “vader” suit. Instantly, Vader is flustered… he’s in love. He has found someone like him that he wants to impress. The only problem is that every time he tries to impress her, he makes some sort of corny mistake. Will Darth Vader overcome his fears and impress the lady at a birthday celebration for him? Here is the Darth Vader in Love video with the answer…

Star Wars: Darth Vader in Love

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Darth Vader in Love

from the Peter Serafinowicz Show

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