Simon’s Cat Videos

Simon's Cat VideosThe Simon’s Cat videos are some of the funniest animated cat videos online. Created by a British animator, Simon Tofield, Simon’s Cat follows the misadventures of Simon and his trouble-making cat. The series has become a major hit on YouTube because cat owners can relate to many of the antics featured in the Simon’s Cat series. So where does the inspiration come from for the Simon’s cat videos? The creator owns four cats in real life, named Jess, Maisy, Teddy, and Hugh.

In creating Simon’s cat, Tofield hand-animates each episode. That means roughly 24 drawings for each second of video. That’s why several weeks may go by without a new Simon’s Cat episode. But Simon’s Cat isn’t just popular on YouTube. There’s also a popular Simon’s Cat book¬†out that you can purchase on Amazon (83 of the 100 reviews are 5 stars).

Below is a list (with links) to every episode of Simon’s Cat produced to date.

Simon’s Cat Videos

> Episode 1: Cat Man Do (released March 4, 2008)
> Episode 2: Let Me In (released March 4, 2008)
> Episode 3: TV Dinner (released July 15, 2008)
> Episode 4: Fly Guy (released July 24, 2009)
> Episode 5: Hot Spot (released September 28, 2009)
> Episode 6: Snow Business (released February 10, 2010)

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