New Atlanta Falcons Stadium to Have Vibrating Seats

One of the proposed features of the new Atlanta Falcons stadium is vibrating seats. The thought is that fans will be more involved in the game (and more likely to buy tickets) if their seat vibrates every time there is a big hit on the field. So… decided to release a KFUN news report that further explored the vibrating seats and what they can be used for. Here’s the report…

Vibrating Seats – Atlanta Falcons Stadium

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New Atlanta Falcons Stadium with Vibrating Seats - News Report

The Atlanta Falcons recently announced a new $1 billion stadium. While the stadium looks really cool, what caught our eye was that the stadium was going to be outfitted with vibrating seats that vibrate every time there is a hit on the field. Our first reaction to this was "what?!?!". So we got to wondering... what else could the vibrating seats be used for and how could that technology be used for other aspects of the stadium? This video gives you the answer.

Video: New Atlanta Falcons Stadium with Vibrating Seats
Produced by: Joe Tracy
Anchor: Chip
Copyright: 2013, Joe Tracy

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