Fingernail Sparkles Cause Packers to Lose – Crying Packers Fan

The New York Giants stunned the Packers in Green Bay last weekend by easily beating them and some Packers fans didn’t take the loss very well. Take, for example, Casey. On the way home from the game Casey starts crying hysterically at the loss, blaming her sister for making her wear sparkles on her finger nails. She also blames her sister for having her wear the wrong jersey. So for those who thought the Packers lost due to poor game play, think again. It was all Casey’s fault.

This video was taken on a cell phone (thus the skinny dimensions) by Casey’s sister, Meghan. What a great sister!

Crying Packers Fan

Sad Packer Fan

Casey's (my sister) reaction after we left the bar after the packers lost to the giants in the playoff game. GO PACK GO! follow her @caseyalewis or me, Megan @meganlewis11 on twitter!

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