Great Gymnastics Routines Montage

Our last post featured gymnastics wipeouts, so we decided to balance it out by showing how all the hundreds of hours of hard work pays off when these amazing gymnasts do their routines. So below we’ve posted three gymnastics montage videos showing clips from some amazing gymnastics routines. We start off with floor routines then move onto a very well produced balance beam montage followed by an uneven bars montage. Enjoy!

Gymnastic Floor Routines Montage

Gymnastic Balance Beam Montage

Gymnastics Uneven Bars Montage

World Floor Exercise Champions Gymnastics Montage Part 2: 1991-2009

1991 -- Oksana Chusovitina (USSR) and Cristina Bontas (Romania)
1992 -- Kim Zmeskal (USA)
1993 -- Shannon Miller (USA)
1994 -- Dina Kochetkova (Russia)
1995 -- Gina Gogean (Romania)
1996 -- Gina Gogean (Romania) and Kui Yuanyuan (China)
1997 -- Gina Gogean (Romania)
1999 -- Andreea Raducan (Romania)
2001 -- Andreea Raducan (Romania)
2002 -- Elena Gomez (Spain)
2003 -- Daiane Dos Santos (Brazil)
2005 -- Alicia Sacramone (USA)
2006 -- Cheng Fei (China)
2007 -- Shawn Johnson (USA)
2009 -- Beth Tweddle (Great Britain)

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