First Try Ever – Over the Chair Bowling Strike

A couple of weeks ago we featured for you quite an amazing video of a guy who threw a bowling ball that looked like a gutter ball, but then bounced up, went into a different lane all together and hit for a strike. Today we have another bowling video for you, but this is at a professional competition versus people just playing for fun. In this clip, a professional bowler is going to try a trick shot for the first time ever. The trick shot is putting a high stool in the middle of the bowling lane and getting the ball to go over the stool, hit near the edge and spin into the middle pin for a strike. Will it be an amazing beginner’s luck trick strike or anĀ embarrassingĀ moment? This video reveals the answer…

Over the Chair Bowling Strike Attempt

The Greatest Bowling Strike Ever - Over The Barstool Bowling Trick Shot

Even the chair doesn't stop him.

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