Peyton Manning United Way Commercial

Peyton Manning has established himself as a class act in the NFL (unlike his younger brother Eli, some say). Not only Peyton the heart and soul of the Colts offense, but he also likes to work with children. Take, for example, this United Way commercial on how Peyton helps kids. He plays ball with them and tries to teach them the ropes of life. He’s teaching them the same things his dad, Archie, taught him. When you view this commercial, you’ll understand why people of all ages love Peyton and the volunteer time he gives to charities like the United Way. There’s two versions below. The first is from YouTube and the quality is not all that great. The second is straight from NBC with great quality, but an advertisement that plays before it. Enjoy…

Peyton Manning United Way TV Commercial

Better Quality – Straight from NBC

Hilarious Peyton Manning SNL

i hear he is actually a nice guy but this is funny

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