Rhythmic Gymnastics Montage Video

(Rhythmic Gymnastics Videos) Below we have for you a Rhythmic Gymnastics montage video that shows just how difficult this still emerging and popular sport is. Rhythmic Gymnastics is starting to become to the Summer Olympics what ice skating is for the Winter Olympics – the fun-to-watch very artistic sport. At the Olympics, Rhythmic Gymnastics (which requires the use of a ball, rope, ribbon, hoop, or club) is graded on the following three criteria: technical, artistic, and execution. There are 30 possible points. While watching solo routines like the ones in the montage are great, some of the most difficult rhythmic gymnastics routines are done with groups as we’ll show you in later videos…

Rhythmic Gymnastics Video Montage

Rhythmics is NOT easy!

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A montage for anyone who thinks Rhythmic Gymnastics is easy...

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