Best Acting Award – Soccer Player Fakes Hit

If there was a Best Acting Award in Soccer (Football outside of US) then it would go to the guy in this video. The video is amazing in showing the lengths some players will go to in order to get a foul and try to change the direction of the game. In the video, the player (ever so sly) forces his opponents hand into his face then acts like the opponent wallops him when all along the injury was self inflicted. And who gets flagged for it? The guy that did nothing. At the least the TV replay will warn future referees of the antics this guy uses. Here’s the video…

Soccer – Self Inflicted Fake Hit

GOL ZAP - Autoagresión

Uno de los mejores momentos del programa Gol Zap de Gol Televisión, protagonizado por Carrasco, jugador de la Selección Sub-20 de Chile.
Nos lo contaban en directo nuestros especialistas en fútbol sudamericano, Nicolás Nardini y Jorge 'Coco' Nazar.

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