Baby Put in Washer that Locks and Starts Rotating

Warning: This video is disturbing.

Normally we post funny videos here at YouTube Funny Video Clips. But we also diverse at times posting serious, inspirational, and even stupid videos. The following video is disturbing. A woman in New Jersey is babysitting a 1-year old boy with a male friend and they go to the laundromat to wash clothes. The guy sees a sign that says “Junior Wash – $2.95” and humorously comments (video has no audio) that they can wash the baby for cheaper than a normal load of laundry. So as a joke he puts the baby in the washer and closes the door.  Unbeknownst to the guy, the washer automatically locks and starts its cycle once the door is closed. There is no emergency override.

The guy immediately panics when the washer starts with the baby inside and he is unable to get it open. Other try with no success. They grab a staff man on duty who moves out the washer, unplugs it, and is finally able to get it open after the baby had been in there for a minute.

The rest of the story: The baby suffered minor injuries and is OK. The prosecutor’s office have reviewed the video and statements and decided not to press charges as there was no intent to harm the baby. They do point out that it was a very stupid act.

Here is the video. As a reminder, this is disturbing.

Video of Baby Put in Washing Machine

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Due to the nature of the video, we have disabled ratings for this particular post.

Raw Video: Toddler Trapped in Washing Machine

Authorities say a father's prank at a southern New Jersey laundry nearly turned tragic when his toddler son briefly got stuck inside an active washing machine. (May 23)

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