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Fireworks Filmed by a Drone

With the 4th of July weekend just behinds us, we thought we’d feature something very interesting for you – fireworks from the perspective of a flying drone. Drones have the ability to bring us incredible footage from vantage points we rarely see. That is the case with this video. A drone was equipped with a…

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History of the Star Spangled Banner

For our last video post on July 4, 2014, we thought we’d get a little serious. A lot of people don’t know the history behind the Star Spangled Banner song and the War of 1812. The War of 1812 is often referred to as the “second war of Independence.” The United States was disenchanted with…

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Fourth of July History

(July 4, 2014) Every year the United States celebrates its Independence Day on the Fourth of July. Yet it is amazing that many Americans don’t know exactly what that means. Who did the United States break away from? Who were theĀ  key players? What does it mean? Below we have two videos. Here’s the first…

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