Perfume for Men Attracts Women – Hidden Camera

(Candid Camera) In this funny hidden camera segment, men are asked to try a new perfume for men for “market research”. As soon as the man puts it on, the nearest woman is suddenly all over him. She leaves and another woman comes in and soon she is all over the man too. You see, this isn’t any ordinary perfume – it is Candid Camera Perfume, And it would probably sell like hotcakes if it wasn’t all just a hidden camera prank…

Candid Camera Perfume

UK Candid Camera Classics – Irresistible Perfume

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Car With No Engine – Candid Camera

(Candid Camera) No one does hidden camera pranks as well as the classic (and famous) Candid Camera crew. This candid camera hidden camera prank was one of their best ever. They took a car and removed the engine from it. Then they closed the hood and, with a driver, pushed it down a hill. The driver coasted into a gas station, filled up, then told the attendant that his car wouldn’t start. The man was quite startled when he couldn’t find the engine and wanted to know how the guy got there. “I drove” he responds…

Publisher’s Note (June 18, 2009): The people who own the rights to Candid Camera, Candid Camera, Inc., asked YouTube to remove the video that had been posted and also emailed us and asked that we remove the embed link saying that they don’t want their material “spread all over the place”. We have done that. Here is a portion of my response to the letter received:

“…I hope you’ll consider embracing mediums like YouTube to boost your DVD sales. For example, if your team put some of these clips up on YouTube for people to embed and placed a teaser at the end for the DVD then you can get a ton of links from sites like ours to your DVD pitch. Candid Camera was a classic TV series and enlisting people to help promote it for free is much better than hiding its existence, IMHO. The truth is that you DO want it “spread all over the place,” just with your message embedded so that you can drastically increase your sales. The social medium online is vital to sales success. Even movie companies have embraced this (by encouraging fan sites to promote movies, versus trying to shut all fan sites down due to ‘copyright violations’)…”

Joe Tracy

The irony in all this is that the clip had been on YouTube for more than two years! Candid Camera, Inc. will see only limited success if they hide behind their copyright veil instead of embracing the social medium as a tool to promote Candid Camera. There are a lot of good hidden camera shows out now, some that exist virtually solely on YouTube in order to gain attention and a fan base.  My background is in public relations and I’ve seen companies like Candid Camera, Inc. suffer in sales because they try to hide their own existence by putting all their efforts into restraining the distribution of videos instead of embracing it as a sales tool. – Joe

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